• 2011 Piesporter Riesling Kabinett Feinherb

    Medium-dry, the mineral bouquet gives way to a crisp essence of apple, pears and pineapple. Nice acidity brings an invigorating finish. Slate overtures add structure.

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  • 2005
    Graacher Himmelreich
    Riesling Spätlese

    Delicate, yet full of character. This lively wine is very full in the mouth, with lime and citrus overtures. It finishes with a delightful fruit-salad kiss on the palate. Slate and other minerals shine through.

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  • 2005
    Wehlener Sonnenuhr
    Riesling Spätlese

    Crisp and fruity, delicate and robust. Juicy pear notes mingle with apple and hints of honeysuckle. An essence of lemongrass adds balance. Mineral notes power through on the finish.

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  • 2005
    Bernkasteler Graben
    Riesling Auslese

    Nicely balanced, plump wine, oozing with the taste of honey, mangos, grapefruit and passion fruit, sweet, smooth and crisp. Citrus balances out the finish.

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  • 2005
    Wehlener Sonnenuhr
    Trockenbeerenauslese 375ml

    A rich, supple wine, nectar to the taste buds. Apricot and peach meld with a hint of ripe fig and mango with just the right touch of acidity to complete the graceful equation.

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  • 2007
    Dornfelder Cuvée

    Full, rich bouquet of lavender, wild berries, spice, moca, leather and a subtle hint of slate. The Spätburgunder’s (Pinot Noir) silkiness is bolstered by the Dornfelder’s muscular backbone.

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  • 2008
    Spätburgunder Rosé

    This German Pinot Noir is refreshingly off dry, with a light floral-herbal bouquet and overtones of ripe berries. With crisp acidity, this wine impresses texturally as cherry and strawberry dance around the palate.

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  • 2014
    Black Riesling®

    This varietal is ruby red, rich and enigmatic. An earthy bouquet of cherry pie and raspberries gives way to wild berry, black cherry, licorice and velvety chocolate on the palate. Long mouth watering finish.

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Why Infinite Wine chose these wines

MOSELLA® is well-known for limited production, award winning Riesling, Pinot Noir and Black Riesling® wines that have a sense of place from the Middle Mosel River in Germany. MOSELLA® sources prime fruit from the legendary single site vineyards that surround the villages of Piesport, Bernkastel, Graach and Wehlen.

Yields are kept low by constant hand-pruning during the growing season. Grapes from the 30 to 50 year old vines are carefully harvested and sorted by hand in the winery to ensure optimum quality. These wines are not mass-produced; they are produced using the traditional German method.

The wines are slowly cold fermented in stainless steel tanks for up to 10 months, after which they are bottled and left to rest for 2 months before being labeled and shipped to America. The wines are then stored in a climate-controlled environment until they are ready to be shipped to the customer. As MOSELLA® is responsible for the production, importation and wholesaling the wine, the integrity of the wine is not compromised.

For over 10 years MOSELLA® wines have been featured in many of the luxury hotels, upscale restaurants, wine bars, and fine wine retailers in the Orlando, Florida area. Many visitors from all over the world have tasted these wines while they were in Orlando and fell in love with them, but when they were back home and inquired about these wines at their favorite wine outlets, they found that those outlets were not able to access these wines. They would then contact MOSELLA® to ask if the wines could be shipped directly to them. So, to meet this overwhelming response MOSELLA® authorized one of its retailers to start shipping the wines throughout the USA. The prices for such direct wine shipments varied from $25.00 to $40.00 per bottle (excluding shipping and handling), which those customers thought was a bargain since they had been paying between $15.00 to $25.00 per glass or $60.00 to $100.00 dollars per bottle when buying the same wine at hotels, restaurants or wine bars.

Because MOSELLA® intends to direct more of its energies to e-commerce sales, they have designated Infinite Wine as their exclusive e-commerce retailer. As part of this arrangement, Infinite Wine has agreed to reduce their mark-up in order to pursue a more volume-driven model, which will ensure that the price the customer pays will be below market prices.

Things to keep in mind, when buying wine

Terroir: Grape vines planted in different soils, or affected by different weather conditions and topography, all contribute to that special sense of place and as the wine ages, it takes on those characteristics.

Aging: Wines are like people. Some wines show their age better than others, while some age faster than others. Some taste good when they are young, but most wines improve with age.

Color: German Riesling wine, which is made from high extract grapes ( e.g. a lot of natural sugar and not much water) initially has a golden color, which later takes on a beautiful amber color as it ages. See the chart below for examples of color change in wines.

Courtesy of http://www.winefolly.com


“In 2008, I came across a Riesling that proved addicting. It made me fall in love all over again with this beautiful wine from Germany’s Mosel wine region. The producer is MOSELLA and the wine was the 2005 Graacher Himmelreich Spätlese. MOSELLA wines are small production, giving our guests an opportunity to taste highly collectible and complex wines that would be next to impossible to taste outside of actually visiting the region itself.”
– Dan Colgan, Sommelier, Del Frisco’s
“Mosella Wines offer a different level of quality compared to wines we have had before.”
– Mike
“When we brought MOSELLA’s Wines onto our hotel property, we knew we were going to impress our guests. Almost any wine that is a limited production will be fantastic. MOSELLA’s Rieslings are better than fantastic they are remarkable. From the very fist sip, our guests could not get enough. Often times, they will ask where they can purchase these wines outside of our property in Orlando, Florida. We have had many guests purchase bottles to take back to their homes in other states.
– Luciano Cortes, Sommelier, Rosen Shingle Creek
“Mosella wines have always been consistent in taste. We can tell the difference between Mosella Rieslings and other Rieslings.”
– Sophia
“I discovered MOSELLA’s 2007 Riesling Kabinett Feinherb at one of my neighborhood restaurants. At the time, we did not have these wines on our wine list. I contacted MOSELLA to see if we could schedule a tasting. After tasting the 2005 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese I immediately put it and three others on the wine list. They have been some of our best sellers.”
– Engel Colon, GM, Sommelier. The Oceanaire

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