About Infinite Wine

The founders of Infinite Wine stumbled upon wine, perhaps in the same way many of you did. Since that day, their interest in and passion for wine has remained a major part of their lives. Throughout the years, they have been fortunate to tour many of the wine-producing regions of the world, visiting the various vineyards. This Website encapsulates those years of travelling, tasting, and learning from all the winemakers they met.

Now, making full use of that experience, Infinite Wine is able to offer you a wide variety of exclusive wines that appeal to all tastes and at very competitive prices. They are able to do this because they are sourcing these wines directly from the growers, their brokers and the smaller producers.

As all lovers of the fermented grape know, wine is unpredictable and forever changing; thus one can never know what the future holds with any vintage. Infinite Wine’s knowledgeable staff has a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of wine’s sense of place, history, and culture. They firmly believe wine can and should be enjoyed by everyone. For this reason, their ultimate aim is to help widen your experience of wine drinking by informing you about, and then making available to you, some of the finest ultra-premium wines in the world.

Over the coming months, Infinite Wine will introduce several limited production wines, featuring different varietals from different regions.